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RK asks Madhu why she is on set? Madhu keeps gawking n then stammers..! RK asks.. if all well and Madhu says..she forgot why she came..! Spot boy offers coffee to Madhu she refuses n RK is told shot is ready.. n he goes..! Madhu recollects she had come to return the phone..!LOL She watches [...]

Radha hands the bag with 40 lacs to Paddo and tells her to end the story n take Madhu back with her..! RK screams.. CUT IT! Angry He taunts on Radha saying its a scene from movies… where money is being traded . but difference is.. the money is his..! He greets Paddo and asks [...]

RK-Madhu eyelock… BG- Kaisa ye ishq! Madhu cries as she looks into RKs eyes..! Madhu tells RK that he knew everything.. thats why .. he din share …! RK asks her to return home! BG- Tujhme rab dikhta hai! Madhu keeps looking at RK as she sits in the front seat of the car.. ! [...]

Madhu feeds RK and helps him to remove the towel..! RK says.. he realised the difference between. .eating at home and eating home cooked food ..after ages! RK thanks Madhu..! RK starts to couf .. Radha and Madhu get to helping RK! Madhu asks Bittu to call Doc..! Radha asks Madhu to keep off..! Dips [...]