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PART 1 Episode Starts with the old scene RK tells her that decide what is important for you, the Pooja or the saree. Bittu ji lost in thoughts Dips ask what happened. Bittu ji says that RK is saying that they will not come in the pooja. Suddenly Bittu ji realizes that Its Dips and [...]

Part 1 Shammo hides the ice dagger in the fridge as Paddo comes!Shocked Shammo asks her to get ready to go to the puja..! Dips comes and tells Radha all preps done..Madhu can confirm and Radha asks Madhu to check..!Smile Dips sends Radha to get ready ..n glares at Madhu n leaves..! Kuku is counting [...]

Part 1 Radha calls up Paddo and says she wants to complaint about Madhu Shocked n Paddo asks what.. n Radha says. that she din invite u guys over..n ur SAMDHAN has to invite u! LOL Paddo says.. she will come but Trish-Roma are outdoor..! Radha asks to bring Shammo along..! Paddo agrees! Paddo comes [...]

Part 1 Cops come to Shammo as he goes inside the room! Paddo asks cops what they are doing there and they say they came to talk to Shammo as they are family member to get clue! Shammo says.. that RK is a superstar..and in the industry since long so ..mite have hurt anyone.. who [...]