11 Sep, 2012

Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 10th September 2012 Written Update

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Recap – RK tells his mom that she did a favour on him by giving birth to him and asks her to do another favor by being silent! RK tells Madhu that he has right on her every breath just as much as her! He tells her that it doesnt matter if Madhu take those breaths .. laufing.. crying .. sulking or fuming.. or while waiting for what next moment will bring for her.. by HER RK!

Part 1

Trish is sitting on the steps in the chawl near the JDJ hoarding! She looks at her photographs and remembers Romas words to her of her becoming the biggest heroine! It starts raining and the Trish’s pics get wet! She.. recollects Romas taunts to her at the hosp about her being a vamp! She recollects Romas support for Madhu .. n Roma asking her what she has done for her family? Nothing! She tears the pics and throws them on the steps! Trish breaksdown completely!

Madhu comes to her room after freshening up and is surprised to see Sikandar in her room! Sikandar wishes her good morning n checks her out from bottom to top! He says she is looking very fresh and asks her if her health is better? Madhu looks away and says yes! Sikandar says that it must be touf for her to pass time in the big house.. since RK is at the sets and she doesnt wanna go there.. and as such what will she do there on the sets? Serve RK..?! He says…she is better off in the house! Sikandar offers her fruits and says that maid was getting it for her but he got so that things stay within the family! Sikandar says..that he means that if members of a family keep caring for each other, it will be better!Madhu says Sikandar and he corrects her.. asking her to call him… ‘Sikky’ aka the name of LOVE! He says he has come to serve her.. if she wants meds. .fruits .. to open windows.. blindfolds.. in the morning..he is there.. and even if she wants to make it dark, close the windows.. rest… he is there.. to help her out! Madhu says thank u and says she can take the meds herself and takes the plate full of fruits from him and says that she can cut fruits on her own the windows on her own.. after all elders have said that one should do their own job .. as it helps to keep hands n legs strong .. since no one knows when they need to use either! Madhus cell rings n its RK! Sikandar goes off! RK asks …Biwi Biwi Biwi where are u?? And says that he is missing her! He asks if she is infected by some Virus..since when she is supposed to be quiet.. she yaps non-stop but today when she has to speak..she is all quiet ! RK says that.. when she is not there on the sets.. he doesnt enjoy reading scripts or shooting.. and that there is no fun without her! Madhu says that if he wants to pamper his ego… there are spot boys or assitants who can help and tell him point blank that she is not gonna come! She cuts the phone! RK says.. ARROGANCE.. i LIKE IT! RK calls Bittu and tells him to ask his BHABHI to come on the set pronto in whichever condition she is! Bittu goes to call Madhu!

Sikandar walks into the hall of the RK mansion looking all scared and Kuku calls out to him and asks what happened? Sikky says nothing happened! Kuku asks him what Madhu said? And if she refused to go on the set? Sikky says nothing else .. only thanks! Kuku says that Sikky is acting as if Madhu din say thanks .. but pushed him out! Sikky says.. he is her bro in law.. she cant dare to say anything like that! Kuku asks if his BAHU-JI is going on the set? Bittu tells RK .. Madhu refused to come! Director tells RK ..shot is ready! RK pulls Bittu close and says.. if Bittu’s Bhabhi doesnt reach the sets by 3pm.. ‘Aapki Bahut yaad aaegi’ ! Its 2pm and Madhu says..she wont come..! Bittu says..she is not understanding! He says Chief has threatened! Madhu says.. ‘Aapki Bahut yaad aaegi’ and Bittu says.. both are the same! He requests her to take mercy and go with him or he will be the sacrificial lamb! Madhu agrees but keeps a condition! Bittu asks her to tell..! Madhu says.. Bittu cant do anything! Bittu says.. both are the same.. and asks her to tell the condition! Madhu says something n Bittu is shocked!

Madhu comes to the chawl to meet Paddo! She asks her if she will forgive Madhu for whatever happened? Paddo says.. Madhu is not at all at fault.. n she was a puppeter in RKs hands! She says that..the day.. God decides to play with RK … he will have no time to do anything! Madhu asks how Maleek is .. n Paddo says..improving! Madhu rues to how she will go in front of Shammo? Paddo asks her not to worry or be scared.. she has not stolen..! She says that …Madhu has done what no daughter can do.. n the day Maleek understands..he will be proud of her! Paddo says that .. when troubles came.. Madhu forgot all and sacrificed herself for the family.. and asks her not to feel guilty! Paddo tells Madhu to be proud of herself! Pado gives Madhu a Ganesh Idol and Madhu asks what is this for? Paddo says that when they came to Mum first time.. n had no support.. Lord Ganesh had saved them.. protected them and destroyed all their troubles! Paddo she is handing over her daughter to Lord Ganesh and prays that like he protected Paddo till date. .may he give Madhu the strength to fight the monster! Paddo says that people like them are born to fight times from themselves.. from situation or others but they will not accept defeat! Paddo says.. Madhu has her destiny written by Lord.. which no one can change ..not a normal person. .n neither a superstar like RK! Paddo assures her to be relaxed and asks her to handle things in her life..n Lord Ganesh is with her! Bittu calls out to Madhu and says that they have to reach the set by 3pm or Chief will take him someplace else..! Madhu bids adieu to Paddo!

RK is doing his shot and stops midway seeing Madhu! He continues his dialgoues looking at Madhu.. he says..that.. jab bhi aap shiddat se kisi cheez se nafrat karte ho to puri kayanat jut jati hai do jalte dilo ko ek dusre ke aamne samne lane ke liye! Kab tak chupoge.. kuch to kashish hai mujme ke baar baar khichi ..chali aati ho..!

Part 2

Director tells that RK is going out of script and Producer says..whatever RK says become script! RK say sthat its too hot and says CUT! Bittu says.. Bhabhi ji! RK asks Madhu .. how she is?? How her health is? Did the med at nite helped? He says that if she din take meds.. she wont be better.. n wont be here.. n he wont be able to get happy! RK says..who says that ! RK tells that Bittu got tired running around for Madhu and asks MAdhu to get tea/ coffee for Bittu and Him! He says .. add sugar more to sweeten the sourness! Madhu recollects Paddos words and walks off!

Part 3

AD says.. AC is changed.. n if they can shoot? RK asks …him?? Why?? r they so troubled that ! RK says. BREAK… n all go off..! MAdhu offers tea to Bittu n sits opposite RK with the coffee mug and sips from it! RK is shocked .. n asks if there is some problem with her heart or eyes.. or she is trying to deliberately not listen to him> Madh usays..Bittu had to run around a lot for her. .so sh egot it for him! Madhu says..f or him.. she couldnt find any reason to get coffee for him! Bittu is shocked ..!

Precap — Madhu that.. on the set..s he wont be full time spot.. ! She will explain the meaning of wife.. n show how she will bajao his band.. Adarniya Patidev!

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